San Francisco Looks to Shut Several Schools Due to Budget Issues and Lower Enrollment

2024-03-05 09:00:34

This should be a wake up call to the people of San Francisco, but it probably won’t be.

San Francisco announces school shutdowns amid budget, enrollment woes: ‘We must have fewer schools’

San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) is looking to shut down several schools due to a budget deficit and a decline in student enrollment.

“We must have fewer schools than we do now. We realize this is difficult to hear,” SFUSD superintendent Matt Wayne announced in a video released on Saturday. “No one wants to think about their school or any school closing its doors, us included. But by having fewer schools, we can concentrate our resources and enhance programs, teacher support and student services.”

How many and which of the 112 schools in the district would close has not yet been determined, Wayne told the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Chronicle was able to interview Wayne before he announced the details at an annual school planning summit.

“Wayne, however, never used the word ‘closure,’ instead saying the district was undergoing ‘resource alignment’ and there would be a process to ‘create a new portfolio’ with ‘fewer schools,’” the Chronicle reported.

As enrollment declined in San Francisco over the years, the district has maintained the same number of facilities.

“Our plan includes multiple phases of community engagement to ensure your voice is heard. We’ve also included external equity checks to ensure no community or student group is disproportionately affected,” Wayne said during the announcement.

In recent years, the school district has reportedly faced numerous challenges, ranging from a severe financial crisis, staff shortages and a decline in enrollment. According to local ABC affiliate, the school district had 53,000 students in 2012, but it dropped to 49,000 students in 2023.

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San Francisco Looks to Shut Several Schools Due to Budget Issues and Lower Enrollment


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