Legal Insurrection Foundation 5-3-1 Birthday Fundraiser

2024-03-26 18:00:40

Legal Insurrection Foundation (LIF) turned five years old this month. and The Equal Protection Project ( just turned 3 years old and 1 year old, respectively. DONATE HERE.

Happy Birthday to us! We are proud of all we have accomplished and our rapid expansion.

We even received a ‘birthday present’ yesterday with the announcement that the Office for Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education has opened a formal investigation into a fellowship program at UW-Madison open only to ‘BIPOC’ students, after a Civil Rights Complaint was filed by our Equal Protection Project. This follows on the news earlier this month that the University of Western Kentucky has disbanded a discriminatory sports management program after a Complaint by EPP.

We are making a difference in so many ways.

If you’re not aware of our structure, LIF consists of three projects:

(1) The Legal Insurrection Blog founded in 2008, our flagship public-facing media entity with deep reach and an earned reputation as ‘disrupters’ of conventional narratives, known for conducting high profile long-term investigations and news coverage, and fighting for free speech on campuses and against cancel culture and the intersectional left. We were a leader in fighting campus antisemitism and the BDS movement long before larger groups became involved. We have a readership of several hundred thousand unique visitors, and a reach in the millions because our material frequently is cited or linked in the broader press, and through my heavy media appearance schedule. Our 15th Anniversary video summarizes our history.

(2), launched in February 2021, is a research group focused on CRT and its variants, such as DEI, with unparalleled and authoritative interactive databases documenting the racialization of higher education, K-12, medical schools, and military service academies, among others, covering over 700 institutions, and cited over 150 times by other media.

(3) The Equal Protection Project (, launched in February 2023, was created to litigate against the DEI discrimination uncovered through our blog and CRT research. You can read all about EPP’s Impact, and Media Impact. Just today, the U.S. Dept. of Education opened a formal investigation, prompted by a complaint from EPP, into a UW-Madison scholarship open only to ‘BIPOC’ students. The education system has been our main focus so far, because it is the cause of so many other problems.

These three projects interact with and complement each other. We use our resources to identify tips that EPP will act upon. We then use the blog platform to propel our EPP work into the media–coverage that Americans need to see right now.

But we’re not resting. The nation and particularly our elite higher ed campuses are in crisis. This is not the time to let off the gas.

The culture in elite higher education is sick to its core. It’s something we have been warning about for over a decade. There is no more denying that elite campus culture is a threat to our greater society.


The issue is no longer how we can ‘reform’ higher education, but how we can protect society from the pathologies that flourish on elite campuses.

Everyone is talking about how the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) ideological agenda is driving antisemitism and anti-Americanism on campuses. We’ve been sounding that siren for many years, too.

We welcome others to this fight, but at LIF we are uniquely positioned to address the underlying problem of how Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality, as implemented through DEI, feed antisemitism and anti-Americanism.

“Like the wolf on the fold” is how Tom Clancy, in the Prologue to his novel The Sum of All Fears, described the Syrian army surprise attack on Yom Kippur 1973. But for the heroic actions of a small number of Israeli troops on the Golan Heights, outnumbered 9-to-1, Israel would have been lost. I think about that Prologue often, how we feel so outnumbered at times, and it is up to the few to fight to protect the many.

This year is shaping up to be even more eventful than the last. We’re at the inflection point for the nation. At LIF we are scaling up for substantial growth and to accomplish even greater things. We are achieving tremendous successes but need more resources to leverage this success.

Your generous donations are an important way you can join us in this fight. We particularly appreciate monthly recurring donations, which provide predictability of cash flow to allow us to take on greater capacity.

Knowing that our nation is worth it motivates me and the others at LIF to keep on fighting. We can win, but only together.

Yours, as always.


Donations are tax deductible to the full extent the law allows, and can be made by various means at our DONATION page or by mailing a check to:

Legal Insurrection Foundation
18 Maple Ave 280
Barrington, RI 02806

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Donations tax deductible
to the full extent allowed by law.

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Legal Insurrection Foundation 5-3-1 Birthday Fundraiser


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