Idaho Bans Public Colleges From Requiring Diversity Statements From Students and Staff

2024-03-28 05:00:22

This is the way things are headed in red states. All Republican governors should be doing this.

NBC in Montana reports:

Idaho bans public colleges from having mandatory ‘diversity statements’

Idaho enacted legislation Thursday banning public universities from requiring prospective students or workers to adhere to “diversity statements.”

Gov. Brad Little signed a bill into law to prohibit higher education institutions from eliciting statements discussing candidates’ race, sex, ethnicity or sexual orientation, as well as their views on the subjects.

The law, which takes effect in July, also bars universities from requesting information regarding applicants’ contributions to diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice, in addition to their race- or sex-based privilege. Institutions are also banned from inquiring about candidates’ opinions on social justice issues.

The legislation passed the Idaho Senate in February in a 27-8 vote before sweeping through the House of Representatives two weeks ago in a 59-11 vote.

Its opposition to so-called diversity, equity and inclusion efforts has struck a similar chord to other laws recently enacted by Republican governors. On Wednesday, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed legislation barring public universities from teaching concepts inducing guilt about a student’s race or gender, as well as school diversity, equity and inclusion programs.


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Idaho Bans Public Colleges From Requiring Diversity Statements From Students and Staff


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