America’s Honeybee Population Buzzes to an All-Time High

2024-04-06 17:00:29

For years, we have followed stories related to “bee-pocalyse” and the “bee colony collapse” the eco-activists were blaming on climate change, GMOs, and pesticides.

Last fall, we reported that professional beekeepers were complaining. They warn that the threat of bee extinction has been wildly overstated. Eco-activists trying to fix a non-existent problem have hurt the environment by stifling biodiversity with their solutions.

Now it turns our nation’s honeybee population has buzzed to an all-time high.

We’ve added almost a million bee colonies in the past five years. We now have 3.8 million, the census shows. Since 2007, the first census after alarming bee die-offs began in 2006, the honeybee has been the fastest-growing livestock segment in the country! And that doesn’t count feral honeybees, which may outnumber their captive cousins several times over.

Of course, climate cultists will look for ways to explain away anything that negates the narrative.

But skeptics of data from the new Census of Agriculture told The Washington Post that inflation and the murky definition of what is really considered a bee colony in the first place mean the buzz over the bee population could be overstated. The annual honey report actually shows a dip in colonies in the U.S., and “the census shows the number of operations with any bee colonies has ascended far faster than honey production or bee-colony counts — about 160 percent since 2007.”

Because of Bidenflation, bee hobbyists could be unfairly adding to those numbers.

Inflation might be making bee populations look artificially high. The census measures operations that produce at least $1,000 of products per year — so high honey prices could nudge some hobbyists into the count.

And a recent Washington State University study assert bees were working themselves to death….because of climate change.

One of nature’s most important keystone species is working itself to death.

Colonies of honey bees — crucial pollinators for a wide variety of plants and cash crops — are at risk of collapse because of climate change, a recent study by scientists at Washington State University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture found.

Long and warmer fall months across the Pacific Northwest encourage bees to emerge from their colonies when they should be resting, said Gloria DeGrandi-Hoffman, a research leader at the USDA’s Carl Hayden Bee Research Center in Arizona.

“When it’s warm out, they fly and when they fly they’re physiologically aging,” said DeGrandi-Hoffman, who is also one of the study’s authors. “It’s very taxing to fly.”

The Earth’s climate has changed over its entire history. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. But since the life began on the planet. 99% of species have gone extinct.

If bees are that fragile, then they won’t last. But, they have been around for 120 million years already. They survive the extinction level event that wiped out the dinosaurs. Personally, I like their chances.

Clearly, someone should introduce Washington State researchers to Darwin and evolution….unless it’s not allowed, because of “patriarchy.”


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America’s Honeybee Population Buzzes to an All-Time High


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