Parents and Teachers in Buffalo, NY Demand Return of Police to Schools

2024-03-24 10:30:38

Police were removed from schools here a few years ago, and it’s not working out too well. Who could have guessed?

FOX News reports:

Frustrated parents, teachers demand schools bring back police to curb violence: 911 calls ‘almost every day’

Parents and teachers in Buffalo, New York, are fed up with the ongoing violence in their schools and are calling on school leaders to beef up security for the safety of students and staff.

“We have had a fight at every single school, every single day,” Pastor James Giles of the WNY Peacemakers told Buffalo news station, WIVB-TV.

The violence has been so regular that staff have had to call the police “almost every day,” one teacher at Riverside Academy described.

“If we are calling 9-1-1 literally almost every day at Riverside, I think we need a full time officer in the building, which we used to have,” Riverside teacher Marc Bruno told the news outlet.

The district reportedly removed off-duty police officers from Buffalo Schools in 2021. Former Superintendent Kriner Cash announced the change at a board meeting that February, calling the ongoing police presence at schools “completely inappropriate” and the “opposite” of the “restorative practices” model the district believed in.

Some parents and teachers, like Bruno, suggested that was a mistake.

“What bothers me is, when they did pull them out no one ever came to the school asking what do you guys think since you work here every single day? So that’s very frustrating,” Bruno told the school board on Wednesday.

The Riverside teacher said officers should return inside schools during times of the day when fights are prevalent.

Some parents also worried the current security measures weren’t doing enough to make schools safe.


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Parents and Teachers in Buffalo, NY Demand Return of Police to Schools


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