Members of Congress Who Vote for Ukraine Bill Should Join Ukrainian Military

2024-04-17 20:25:41

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) introduced an amendment to a supplemental funding bill for Ukraine that would require members of Congress who vote “in favor” to enlist in the Ukrainian military.

Greene’s amendment comes as House Republicans released the legislative text regarding four bills wrapped into one, according to CBS News.

Under the three bills, $26.4 billion would be sent to Israel, $60.8 billion would go to Ukraine, and $8.1 billion would go to countering the threat of China in the Indo-Pacific and providing foreign aid to Taiwan.

A fourth bill focuses on providing other defense measures to “strengthen” the “national security” of the United States.

“Any Member of Congress who votes in favor of this Act shall be required to conscript in the Ukrainian military,” the amendment to the Ukraine Security Supplemental Appropriations Act 2024 reads.

During a closed House Republican Conference meeting on Monday, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) revealed his plan to combine all four bills into a single piece of legislation, and a single vote would be held.

If successful, the vote would unlock separate votes for each of the bills.

The legislation package would only need a majority of support on the floor, as would the four separate bills included in the legislation.

Johnson had previously revealed that each of the four separate bills would be brought to the floor where members of Congress would be allowed to propose additional amendments before a final vote is conducted.

Members of Congress were reportedly given 72 hours to review the legislation package before a vote on Saturday.

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Members of Congress Who Vote for Ukraine Bill Should Join Ukrainian Military


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