Father in Newton, MA, Writes Open Letter to Schools Calling for the Suspension of All DEI Policies

2024-01-31 05:00:01

Newton, MA, has been in the news a lot lately because the teachers there have been on strike for days. This father is a lawyer and he is making news about the Newton schools on another topic.

He writes at the Jewish News Syndicate:

DEI’s rotten foundation – An open letter from a parent to the public schools in Newton, Mass.

Dear Newton, Massachusetts School Committee and City Council members,

I am writing to ask that the Newton Public Schools suspend all diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)-related activities and lessons immediately pending investigation into DEI’s contribution to antisemitism, as well as its legality under Title VI and the U.S. Constitution.

Following Hamas’s Oct. 7 mass murder, torture, rape and kidnapping of over 1,000 people—overwhelmingly Israeli Jews—there have been enormous rallies embracing Hamas and terrorism at schools, on campuses and in the streets of major cities around the world. Tellingly, they began even before Israel launched its military operation in response to the massacre.

Calls to “gas the Jews” have been heard from Sydney, Australia to Washington, D.C. Synagogues have been defaced and firebombed. Jews have been beaten in the streets. Swastikas abound, including in Newton Public Schools. Menorahs have been destroyed and public lightings canceled due to threats of violence. Antisemitic incidents on campuses are too numerous to recount, with Jewish students hiding from roving mobs. The presidents of three elite universities were unwilling to say before Congress that calling for genocide of Jews is against their institutions’ codes of conduct. According to the ADL, antisemitic incidents in the U.S. have risen more than 300%.

Those defending or celebrating the Oct. 7 massacre frequently frame the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in terms straight out of DEI jargon. They claim that Jews are “white oppressors” and Palestinians oppressed “people of color.” They hold that Jews are “settler colonialists” and Palestinians are engaged in “decolonization.” None of this is true.


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Father in Newton, MA, Writes Open Letter to Schools Calling for the Suspension of All DEI Policies


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